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Опубликовано: 21.05.2017

Utilizing the optimal space in your house is crucial in order of creating a functional and pleasant home consisting of many rooms. As a consequence of the modern and dynamic tempo that we are living nowadays, we are forced to bring work at home and in order to do that you ought to have a special place in your home where you can do all the work. If you cannot afford an entire room for creating a home office and you are seeking for an extra space in your house, here is an idea for you: What about that empty space under the stairs? – Under the office is a perfect adaptation of a room in an extra space. The under stairs space usually is left empty and doesn’t serve anything, but now you can transform that negative space into a useful and functional under stairs home office. We’ve collected a showcase of 15 Smart Under Stairs Home Office designs in order to inspire you.

Image Source: Elle Decor

This is a really splendid and chic design of a home office, nestled in a huge space under the stairs. The arched shape that is basically the ceiling of this home office, provide it with initial creative and unique outlook. Although this is a tiny home office, you can notice that the designer has utilized the maximum of the space by creating a built in shelves and placing a window in the center of the wall. Genius!

Image Source: Home Edit

On the first look this under stairs home office has a flat appearance, but if you look deep into the picture you can notice that the office cabinets were specially designed to adjust into the space under the stairs, which is a really smart move. The classical design of this under stairs home office provide it with a simple and beautiful appearance.

Image Source:  Hgtv

The open plan of the stairs has allowed to the homeowners in this house to manipulate with the space and to create a visually large and functional home office in a great style. This contemporary under stairs home office adapts perfectly in the chic and the modern setting of this open plan house.

Image Source: tsminteractive

The designer of this under stairs home office or a study nook has a really cool appearance and smart organization. Even though this is a small and almost tiny home office it has found a way to create a perfect storage space and to arrange the office furniture perfect in a way of creating a cool and functional home office.

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